Starving in the Voodoo Restaurant

The story below about VoodooFood Restaurant is modelled after a firewall rule implementation procedure. All names, characters, processes and incidents portrayed in this story are fictitious. No identification with actual telecom providers or other large businesses is intended or should be inferred.   Hi, Welcome to voodoo food restaurant what can I get for you?… Continue Reading Starving in the Voodoo Restaurant

Airport Security hole The last time we flew home, I got the “random selection” to be extra screened which was very annoying. It started when I went through the security theatre, the agent pointed out that I had a “DDD” printed on my boarding card, which means that I was subjected to additional security checks. This required… Continue Reading Airport Security hole

Why you should always know your email address

Mis-addressed emails is a common occurrence, particularly with one of my first accounts. On any given day I receive two or three emails intended for someone else. Most commonly, I receive welcome emails from mailing lists. But once in a while I get something more interesting. This one, at first glance, seemed like all the… Continue Reading Why you should always know your email address